Renovations are big business in Australia. With the popularity of home renovation shows continuing to rise, more homeowners than ever are dreaming big about transforming their homes. However, home renovation shows often give a distorted view of the renovation process and it’s not uncommon for inexperienced homeowners to make costly mistakes when tempting to DIY. Avoid the most common renovation mistakes and save yourself money, time and stress with these tips. 

Budget Blow Out

Renovating on a tight budget is both stressful and risky. Be realistic about building costs and think carefully about whether you can really afford it. Most people will underestimate the cost of their renovations, so you need to have a contingency plan. Ronnie and Georgia Caceres, former contestants on The Block, recommend having a contingency budget of 20%.

“You have to add a contingency budget of 20 per cent — so if you know you can only spend $100,000, then you need to have $80,000 for costs and keep that $20,000 as a buffer,”

In other words, when it comes to renovations, expect the unexpected!.

Spend Money On The Right Things

Some things are worth spending money on; others you can save on and no one will know the difference. For example, you can still create a chic look by mixing and matching budget and high-end soft furnishings, couches, tables and chairs. Appliances and hardware like faucets, kitchen cabinets, benches and storage are worth spending money on. 

Not Moving Out

Living in your home while it is being renovated is a messy and complicated situation. Consider a short term holiday rental, hotel, or as a last resort a friend or relative’s house.

Choose The Right Professionals

This applies to both design and construction. Don’t go for the lowest bid or the contractor who is available immediately. Ask for references and have a chat with anyone you are thinking about hiring. Just because someone has an excellent reputation doesn’t mean they are the right person for your project. Open, clear communication is key so you want to be able to get along with your designer and builder. 

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