It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming up, and Christmas is fast approaching. 

Understandably, summer is the season when we get the most calls from Canberra homeowners asking us about decking and outdoor extension options. There are many reasons why adding a deck to your property is a good idea so we thought we’d explore just some of the reasons why you need a deck this summer!

How a Deck Will Add Value to Your Home 

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A good quality deck is an investment. We have spoken to many real estate agents over the years and they confirm that buyers in Canberra favour houses that have a well-maintained deck over those that don’t. So, not only are you more likely to attract a higher price, but your home will sell faster too. 

A deck is also a great way to expand your living space (and the least expensive!). We are lucky in Australia to enjoy a long summer, so we find that decks often become the focal point of the home, where your family eats, relaxes and even exercises! Decks are also fairly low maintenance and ideal for entertaining during the festive season. Customise your deck with comfortable seating, plants and lighting to really give your outdoor space an added WOW factor!

What Type of Deck Is Best For You?

Before you call the builder have a think about the following:

  • Where do you want to build your deck? Factor in sun/shade and how much of it will be under cover.
  • What is your maximum budget (factoring in unexpected extra costs)?
  • How much time do you have for maintenance? Certain decking materials require less maintenance than others.

Which Decking Material To Choose

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The most common decking materials in Australia include:

  • Hardwoods (Merbau, Jarrah and Spotted Gum for example. All are extremely durable and look amazing)
  • Treated Pine (a popular choice as it withstands termites, decay and mould)
  • Composite Decking (an environmentally option made from recycled plastic and wood fibres)
  • Modular Decking (the easiest option to install)

Each decking material has its pros and cons and comes with a different price tag attached. Need help deciding which decking material best suits your lifestyle and your budget? Contact Upright Building Services in Canberra for a free quote