What is Pavilion by Stratco?

In a nutshell, pavilions are a type of insulated roofing that gives you extra living space in your yard. They are very popular these days because they make your outdoor space more sophisticated and elegant. Pavilion by Stratco take pavilions to the next level.

“With meticulous details such as Aluminium Composite panels (popular in many commercial buildings and architectural projects), integrated LED lighting and concealed fasteners and downpipes, Pavilion adds an element of sophistication, elegance, and glamour to outdoor living.”

Benefits of Pavilion by Stratco

Here are the benefits you can enjoy with Pavilion by Stratco:

1. Improve The Look Of Your Property
Pavilion by Stratco adds elegance to your property. The larger bulkheads and columns, the edge gutters and the classic architectural proportions have been designed carefully to help improve the look of any property.

2. Boost The Value Of Your Home
Installing Pavilion by Stratco not only makes your home look more beautiful, but it also makes it more valuable. It gives you added floor space, which allows you to enjoy your outdoor space whether it’s sunny or raining outside.

Stratco Pavilion Features

Here are the qualities and features that make Stratco Pavilion unlike any other:

  • Uniquely designed framework
  • Six metallic colours you can choose from
  • Cooldek insulated roofing
  • Range of lighting options integrated into the pavilion
  • Galvanised structural framework
  • Concealed downpipe design

Want a Pavilion by Stratco in your home? Contact Upright Building Services, an authorised Pavilion by Stratco dealer, for a free measurement and quote.