These days, we’re all looking to save money, especially when it comes to the expensive and often confusing world of building and construction. When it comes to building projects, there is always a great temptation to do it yourself, or ask a friend or relative. If you are experienced in the field, it’s not unreasonable to want to complete small building projects on your own. However, jumping in without knowing what you are doing, or hiring someone without formal qualifications can result in disaster. That’s why it is always important to research building companies and choose one that is licensed.

Avoid Disaster with an Experienced Builder

One of the biggest risks of trying to manage a building project yourself is damaging your property or your neighbour’s property. You are then liable for any expenses that result from this damage. However, with a licensed builder like Upright Building Services, you have the peace of mind that comes with insurance and warranties. In fact, our team in Canberra are often called in to fix DIY disasters. Sometimes the fix can cost more than the original work would of!

Working with a Budget

Unless you have in depth knowledge on construction costs, it can be difficult to work out a realistic budget. And it’s not necessarily the size of the budget that is the most important factor. Managing a budget is about maximising the budget. In other words, an experienced builder can work out how you can get the maximum value from the amount you are willing to spend. For example, Upright Building Services, are well known in the Canberra building industry and have strong bonds with local suppliers and tradesman. This means we can source high quality materials at the best prices, and get qualified plumbers and electricians on site quickly.

Wide Building Knowledge

A licensed builder will have experience and knowledge in all facets of the industry. This includes design and construction, as well as paperwork and management. With an experienced building company, you can be confident that the project will run smoothly without you having to follow up any loose ends. Another advantage is a licensed builder will have ability to complete multiple projects. For example, Upright Building Services can help with home renovations, decking & outdoor extensions, carports & pergolas, as well as metal roofing and general repair jobs.

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